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Esmée Jakubowski (NL 1997), is a Dutch- Polish graphic designer based in the Netherlands. 

Having two cultural backgrounds left me curious on how various (and at times contradictory) interpretations of reality, truth and values come to form. By assembling visual research and written material, I translate multiple ways of percieving an always changing perspective.


“Did I spill the wine?”
Publication (visual essay) 2024. An attempt to understand the role of the graphic designer as an ‘author’. A reflection on motives, ideology, politics and personal preference.

“Moon, Water, Lake”
Publication, 2024 -the dissection of a memory-

During my internship at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam I took part in curating and designing the exhibition Yesterday Today

‘In the Netherlands, 4 contemporary art museums go beyond the old masters  Washinton Post (photography)

“A Supermarket of Lost Bodies”
Introduction and a personal project in “À Corps Perdu”
A publication by the HKU Graphic Design department year 3 (2022)

Parts of the jury raport in “Conversation Snippets”
Publisher St. Best Verzorgde Boeken (2021)  

“Ruimte in je hoofd” for Tolhuistuin (Dutch)
Report on a workshop (2020)

“The quit place in our blind spot” in ABRI-Magazine
Photography, poster, essay (2020)

A collective publication about the exhibition Kleurrijk Japan,
a gift from our class to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam,
Drawing, essay (2019)

Antonymes found in blue 

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Student jury panel (2020/2021)
Best Verzorgde Boeken

Co-founder, initiator (2020)
Ginkgo-Collective in partnership with Kunst Onderzoek (Lectoraat HKU)

Editorial Team (2020) 
ABRI-Magazine (HKU)